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11 Gadgets to Help You Travel Better

Do you have any of these yet?

Everyone who’s had experience with traveling for business or on vacation knows that taking trips can be quite stressful (especially if you’re not very organized). This is exactly the reason why you could always use all the help you can get to make your trips go much smoother!

Here’s an excellent roster of gadgets that will help make traveling a breeze for you:

iWallet Passport Holder

If you’re traveling internationally, you can leave everything at home but your passport. To make sure that you don’t lose it at any point of your journey, make sure to equip yourself with this high-tech passport case. It comes with biometric sensors, so only you and up to four other people you’ve authorized will be able to get access to it. It even has an alarm set up so it will sound when you walk more than 10 feet away from it.2.

eGeeTouch Smart Luggage Locks

Built for the savvy traveler with a smartphone, this luggage lock is not like any other lock you’ve seen before. It doesn’t come with keys or combination codes. Instead, it opens up by allowing you to tap your phone against the lock.

Trackimo Universal

Ever had your luggage lost or stolen? It’s the most inconvenient thing ever, right? Make sure it doesn’t happen again with this GPS tracker. Just pack it in your bag so you’ll always know where it is. You can even set it up, so you’ll get a text alert when your bag is moving places.

SMS ANC Headphones

Don’t allow yourself to ever get bothered by noisy passengers again. This new version of noise-canceling headphones not only allows you to tune out a crying infant from two rows front, it also delivers on a good listening experience that can last for 70 hours. It weighs just about 200 grams and also comes with a leather travel case, so you can protect it from getting scratched or damaged when in transit.

Monster Backfloat Speaker

Going on a beach trip or a pool party with your friends? Make sure you deck yourself out with these waterproof speakers. Designed in collaboration with Shaquille O’ Neal, this speaker is portable, easy- to-use and water-resistant.

GoPro Hero Black

Mountable cameras are getting very popular among travelers today. So if you’re planning to invest in one for yourself, make sure to get the GoPro Hero in black. It records in 4K ultra-high definition at a lightning fast 120 frames per second, allowing you to take very crisp photos that you can later on edit for your videos!

Narrative Clip 2

This camera automatically takes 8MP photos every 30 seconds. It also automatically uploads the pictures to your phone via WiFi and Bluetooth giving you a gallery of photos for your entire day without you having to do anything at all.

Samsung Portable SSD

This SSD drive offers storage from 250 GB up to 1TB and is practically as small as your credit card. It’s perfect for people who are capturing a lot of photos and videos during their trip.

Powerocks Power Bank Charger

If you’re  like most Millennials nowadays who rely on their smart phones to find their way, this power bank charger will certainly be a lifesaver for you. In fact, when fully charged, it can jumpstart a car.

Zolt’s Tiny Laptop Charger

Aimed at business travelers, this fun-size charging brick can power up your laptop and has three USB slots

 Mophie Juice Pack

Touted as the king of battery cases by many, this juice pack offers two new devices for the iPhone 6 – promising to doubling up the phone’s battery life, allowing you to take calls and pictures all day long!

Everyone – including even the most seasoned travelers – would surely benefit from these gadgets!