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Famous Celebrity Boomers and Their Pets

Some have pets you wouldn’t quite expect!

Many people from all over the world are more than willing to spend money and pamper their pets, and baby boomer celebrities are no exceptions. In fact, they go the extra mile to show their love and care for their animal companions.

Here are some of the most famous celebrity baby boomers and their pets of choice:


Bill Gates
The famous owner of Microsoft is not only fond of technology; he also loves dogs. In fact, their family has two small dogs named Oreo and Nilla, whom he claims are both very properly trained and well-loved by his kids. Sounds like he likes cookies!

Bill Gates' Dogs Oreo and Nilla                                                                                                                                                       Photo Bill Gates

Oprah Winfrey
Former TV show host Oprah Winfrey claims to be a “woman who loves dogs”. She has owned a total of 21 pups in her adult life – including 11 at one time. But the most famous one on her brood is a Cocker Spaniel named Sophie who lived with her for 13 years and came to work with her every day.


Bill Clinton
During the early days of his presidency, US president Bill Clinton has adopted a stray cat and nicknamed him Socks. He was the primary pet of the Clinton family until the Clintons acquired Buddy (Labrador Retriever) in 1997. As Socks and Buddy didn’t get along very well, Clinton’s secretary Betty Curie took Socks in her custody and Buddy remained with the Clinton family until his fatal accident in 2002.

Billy Clinton with Buddy

Vladimir Putin
President of Russia Vladimir Putin has a soft spot for dogs, as evidenced in his fondness for Konni. This black Labrador was gifted to Putin by the General of the Army Sergey Shoygu in 2000 and was often seen at Putin’s side, including at staff meetings and general assemblies with other world leaders.

Vladimir Putin and his dog Koni



Michael Jackson
Michael Jackson had a strong fascination for animals. In fact, one of his earliest hits was a song called ‘Ben’, which was actually a tribute to his pet rat. Apparently, this fascination for animals really dates back in his younger years, as there were countless photographs of him as a child playing with kittens.

The late “King of Pop” is not only famous for his smashing hits such as Thriller, Beat It, Man in the Mirror and Heal the World, he was also known for touting a chimpanzee named Bubbles in his album tours.  He also owned dogs and reptiles as a young boy, and took his fascination to a whole new level at his home, by having an exotic pet zoo in his estate that was filled with domestic and exotic animals such as tigers, elephants, a lion, snakes, giraffe and other exotic animals.

Be sure to watch the video until the end so you can see Bubbles imitating the “Moon Walk.”


Just as Michael Jackson has earned the “King of Pop” title, so does Madonna as the “Queen of Pop.” This famous singer has always been in the public eye for her entire career – what hit songs such as Like a Virgin and La Isla Bonita, and new albums that keep on breaking records.

Songstress Madonna was hugely popular in the 90’s for toting around her three Chihuahuas named Evita, Rosita and Chiquita.  Today she’s always proudly showing off her French bulldog, Olga, on her Instagram account.

Madonnas Pet


Elton John
Apart from winning multiple Granny awards in his career and gaining popularity for his flamboyant fashion taste, Singer-songwriter Elton John is also a proud owner of many dogs in his lifetime, including an Irish wolfhound, a Labrador and nine or 10 border terriers. However, only one canine served as honorary best man when he had a civil partnership ceremony with David Furnish in 2005. Arthur, a cocker spaniel, did not only take one for the team during this memorable event, he also received a credit on his master’s album “The Captain and the Kid” for woof-bells.

Elton John's dog Arthur



Ellen DeGeneres
Having grown up as an animal lover, Ellen DeGeneres always wanted to be a veterinarian. Her career took a big turn but that didn’t stop her from doing amazing work with animals. Having started out as a TGI Friday’s waitress, Ellen DeGeneres has come far. Not only has her show won the Emmy for Outstanding Talk Show in its first three years of airing, she has also played the first openly gay leading role in a sitcom. Yet she remains truly humble and so passionate about her cause to support animals. In fact,  she capitalizes on her success to carry on her amazing work with them. She devotes her time to a number of animal charities and is a doting mom to five furry pals, which are all rescues, that live in her home. She is very fond of her rescued poodle-Maltese dog named Wolf. She is also a part owner of a healthy pet-food company called Halo Purely.



George Clooney
Known worldwide for his incredibly good looks and suave personality, it is somewhat unthinkable for actor George Clooney to own a pet pig. He was so fond of Max that he sometimes allowed him to sleep in his bed and accompany him to interviews. He had lived with the actor for 18 years until he died in 2006.

This was a tribute made for Max ~ although you can feel free to check out how handsome George was when he was younger!

This only goes to show that pets ~ no matter how popular or old you are ~ always have a place in people’s hearts!

Many more celebrities adore their pets ~ do you know any?

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