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The Top Movies of 2015. Which ones have you seen?

As 2015 is coming to an end, it’s the perfect time to reminisce on the movies that have captured our hearts and opened our minds this year. There are surely a lot of cinematic gems to be proud about, and here are the seven movies that have surpassed our expectations and bested the hundreds of films that have come out this year:


Brooklyn - Movie

This romantic drama is about a young Irish woman who immigrates to the United States in the 1950s. Apart from the candid fact that Saoirse Ronan’s acting is incredibly poignant, she also brings to light the struggles of every immigrant who chooses to leave a familiar place for the unknown.

It beautifully explores the theme of what makes a home.


Chi-Raq - Movie

This modern-day adaptation of the ancient Grecian play “Lysistrata” surely does great justice to its humble inspirations. Directed by Spike Lee, it features a number of powerful women abstaining from physical affection until their husbands agree to end the cycle of violence brought about by war. It is definitely provocative and powerful, plus it even features a musical number or two.

Clouds of Sils Maria

Clouds of Sils Maria - Movie

This film follows an aging actress and her assistant as they prepare for the veteran actress to star in a revival of a play, as the aspiring actress who is about to make it to Hollywood. Not only is it beautifully filmed; it also is a good reminder for everyone that fame doesn’t last and age doesn’t always make you wiser.

Inside Out

Inside Out - Movie

Pixar’s latest hit, Inside Out, is an interesting journey inside the brain of an 11-year old Midwestern girl that manages to juggle her emotions – Joy, Fear, Sadness, Anger and Disgust – amidst trying to make sense of a new city, home and school. One may easily label it for a childrens’ movie but it teaches adults, as well, the premise of how to balance the five major and complex feelings that dominate a person’s brain.

Mad Max: Fury Road

Mad Max: Fury Road - Movie

Featuring Tom Hardy and Charlize Theron, Mad Max is perhaps the greatest action film that was ever revived. It is quite possibly one of the most poignant feminist films made too, with a plot that centers on a strong warrior woman who leads her posse in a daring escape against a tyrannical ruler set in post-apocalyptic Australia. It is coupled with lots of powerful visual effects and strong acting, plus it is absolutely riveting and so much fun to watch!


Creed - Movie

This Rocky franchise received a pick-me-up from Michael B. Jordan’s Adonis Creed, whose youthful attitude suits so well with Sylvester Stallone’s iconic Rocky Balboa. It is like any other sports drama film in a sense that it is incredibly deep and inspiring, however it is set apart by its beautiful cinematography and the swagger Ryan Coogler – the director – injects along with his films.


Paddington - Movie

This family adventure film is as underrated as it gets. It’s one of those films you watch with extremely low expectations – only to find yourself charmed within the first five minutes and then completely captivated by the time the movie comes to an end. In fact, you’ll be smiling like a lunatic throughout its entire running time because it’s that good-natured and fun!

Have you seen any of these hit movies this year? If not, you still have a few more days to go to catch up on your films before 2016 comes.

Every year is a good year for films, and we’ll be surprised if 2016 doesn’t wow us with equally good ones!