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Post-Holiday Tips to Get Back in Shape

Getting back to your regular routine doesn’t have to be difficult.

Now that the holidays are over and work is back in full swing, you have absolutely no reason to keep nibbling or gorging on those Christmas sweets. It’s time to go back to your regular routine and focus on getting back to shape.

Here are some tips to keep in mind if you want to get back to shape in no time:

Have realistic weight loss goals

Most people who pack on a few extra pounds during the holiday season get way too excited about losing weight fast in January. Not only is this unrealistic, it is also not very sustainable. The best way to go about it is to focus on a goal such as “I want to button my jeans easier” or “I want to attend yoga classes three times a week.” Doing so allows you not to obsess over figures but instead focus on the  results.

Plan fun activities

Losing weight doesn’t necessarily have to be a boring and painful ordeal. You can absolutely make it fun by planning enjoyable activities with your friends such as a ski trip or a dance party. Truth is – it really doesn’t matter what you plan to do. The only thing to keep in mind is that you have to get off the couch and get moving.

Use the Internet to your advantage

You don’t have to initially enroll in a gym or consult a dietitian to help you lose weight. All you have to do is head over to YouTube for free workout videos and easy-to-make healthy recipes. You’ll be surprised at the number of free resources you have online.

Take it easy on the alcohol

Beer and mixed drinks contain empty calories. If you want to lose weight, a simple thing to do is  to cut down on your drinks. This doesn’t mean going cold turkey and missing out on happy hours, it only means making more mindful choices on what liquor to drink.  Moderation is key.

Cut back on simple sugars and processed foods

A lot of people try to cut out carbs completely but it is impossible to sustain a no-carb diet. What you should do instead is to just decrease your carb intake gradually, get rid of simple sugars and processed foods and choose whole grain carbs.

Keep it clean

The reason why most people fail to lose the post-holiday pounds is because they resort to fad diets. While you can lose the extra pounds quick, you’ll be more prone to binging, and end up gaining a lot more. It’s much better to simply go back to your normal calorie intake but make sure you’re eating clean. This means cutting out on the sugar, avoiding alcohol, sticking to lean meats and eating more fruits and vegetables.

Keep your reps high

If you’re going to the gym, focus on dropping the weight and keeping the reps high. This helps keep your heart rate higher and helps you burn fat – all while helping you do a great workout. Try doing 15 minutes of interval sprints (1 min fast, 1 min slow) for three times a week for the next two weeks. You’ll be surprised at how you can turbocharge your weight loss!

Truth is – you should always play the long game and focus on being healthy all year long. Gradual progression rather than an overnight transformation gives you fewer reasons to worry about this every January. Instead, all it would take to get back to shape after the holidays is to get back to your regular routine.