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Strolling Down Broadway

Some of our choices for The Best Broadway Shows of 2015.

As 2015 is coming to an end, reminisce with us as we recall the six incredibly great shows that struck a cord this year. Some have been around for quite some time, while others are brand new on the block.

Here’s our list of must-sees for the year:

Fun Home

Fun Home Broadway

Based on the memoir of Alison Bechdel, this show toys around the theme of homosexuality, as it showcases how Alison’s personal struggle affected her relationship with her family. All the principle cast members were nominated for an award, with Michael Cerveris (playing Alison’s father) bringing home the bacon for the Best Actor in a Musical.

The Book of Mormon

The Book of Mormon - Broadway

Brought to you by the creators of South Park in 2011 is the infamous Broadway musical called The Book of Mormon. It’s been around for more than four years now, but it still has a strong following that attracts new die-hard fans every year. Its plot centers on two young missionaries that were sent on a mission to convert Ugandans into Mormons. Not only did Avenue Q Tony winner Bobby Lopez direct its musical score; the show has also won the Tony Award for the Best Musical.


Hamilton - Broadway

This brand new hip-hop musical is about one of America’s most controversial founding fathers – Alexander Hamilton. Tony winner Lin-Manuel Miranda, who also stars in the show, wrote the entertaining musical. It also features a diverse cast, which realistically helps you reimagine Alexander Hamilton’s unique life via a seamless incorporation of rap, jazz and pop tunes. The show gained excellent reviews when it first opened on Broadway and is already considered one of the strongest contenders for the 2016 Tony Awards next June.


Allegiance - Broadway

While many facets of American history have already been explored on Broadway in the past, Allegiance is a brand-new musical that takes on a topic that has never been covered on Broadway just yet. It incorporates the themes of love and forgiveness, plus it stars George Takei as Sam Kimura, a Japanese-American man who was forced by his circumstances to reflect on his family’s challenges during World War II. It is deeply inspired by Takei’s own life, as well as his family’s, in the internment camp.

On Your Feet!

On Your Feet! - Broadway

This new Broadway musical is based on the life of two incredibly talented people who believed in their music and each other. Featuring infectious tunes such as “Rhythm is Gonna Get You” and “Conga”, this energetic show is about the tale of of Emilio & Gloria Estefan as they were making it big and got people grooving to their music.

When it first opened, it incredibly became a sold-out hit – with its feminist approach showcasing a strong woman standing center stage and a repertoire of songs that many generations will absolutely adore.

Act of God

Act of God - Broadway

Only shown during a limited run this summer of 2015, Jim Parsons essentially did a good job as God. It is a 90-minute show of God delivering ten new commandments to the audience. Not only is it funny and irreverent, it also did a good job at bringing to light some good points amid the laughter.

To tell you the truth, it was quite difficult to narrow down the list of the best Broadway shows for the year. That’s because 2015 was teeming with a lot of excellent historical shows, and entertaining musicals featuring tunes from all genres. We did our best to share with you our top six favorites and hopefully we were able to inspire you to catch at least one of them while they’re still showing in theaters!